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30th September 2023

Celebrating Bright Minds: IFS Welcomes 51 New Grantees from 2023!

In a remarkable moment of global unity, IFS proudly welcomed 51 outstanding grantees from diverse corners of the world into its esteemed community of researchers on the 26th of September 2023.

A Global Tapestry of Talent

These 51 exceptional individuals hail from a myriad of nations, representing the rich tapestry of global knowledge and innovation. From the vibrant landscapes of Vietnam to the bustling cities of Kenya, from the cultural heritage of Benin to the awe-inspiring beauty of Bhutan, these grantees bring with them unique perspectives and boundless enthusiasm for scientific discovery.


Participants from all over the globe

A Celebration of Diversity

The IFS family expanded to include more researchers from Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Congo, Tunisia, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. Each name on this list represents not just a country, but a promise of groundbreaking research and transformative impact.

Empowering the Future

At the heart of our welcoming ceremony was a spirit of collaboration and support. Interim Director, Dr Patrick Van Damme, set the stage with inspiring words, emphasizing the global significance of the journey these scholars have embarked upon. Dr Ramesh Laungani illuminated the power of effective science communication, reminding us that the essence of science lies not just in laboratories and research papers but in its ability to touch lives and shape perceptions. Concurrently, Dr Malcolm Beveridge delved deep into the 'Theory of Change (TOC),' unveiling a systematic approach that could guide researchers in transforming their innovations into tangible societal change.

Alumni Wisdom and Camaraderie

Representatives from the IFS Alumni Network, Dr Babita Paudel from Kathmandu, Nepal, and Prof John Igoli from Nigeria, illuminated the path ahead. They shared the vibrant activities of IFS alumni associations, underscoring the support network that extends beyond the duration of the grant. Their message was not just one of camaraderie but of a profound and lasting connection. The IFS Alumni Network is not just a community; it is a family, where knowledge is shared, challenges are overcome, and successes are celebrated together.

A Supportive Ecosystem

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the introduction to the IFS secretariat, where grantees were acquainted with the extensive support system behind their research endeavors. Scientific Programme Coordinator, Dr Ingrid Leemans, and Programme Administrator, Ms Annika Eriksson, shared the depth of IFS programs and the grants administering requirements respectively, which provide the grantees with a roadmap for the exciting research endeavors that lie ahead. The grantees also had the opportunity to meet other integral members of the IFS team, including, Ms Nathalie Persson-Andrianasitera, Scientific Programme Coordinator (responsible for Food Science, Social Science, Natural Products), Ms Ingrid Lindhe (Programme Administrator), Ms Jill Wallin (Purchasing Manager), and Mr Bahati Orlendo (Web Editor, Social Media & Information Manager). Their presence highlighted the diverse and dedicated team that stands alongside the grantees, ready to offer guidance and support throughout their research journeys.

Looking Ahead

As the ceremony drew to a close, a sense of anticipation filled the virtual room. The grantees, now part of a global network of excellence, were encouraged to dream big, explore boldly, and collaborate widely. They are not just researchers; they are pioneers, explorers, and visionaries, shaping the future of scientific inquiry.

To the 51 new grantees, the world eagerly awaits the discoveries, innovations, and contributions you will make. Remember, you are not alone on this journey. The IFS family stands beside you, supporting you through every challenge and celebrating every triumph.

Stay tuned as we follow the extraordinary journeys of our IFS grantees, each step marking a leap toward a brighter, more knowledgeable future.

With warm regards,

The IFS Team

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Dr Abdulai Jalloh

Dr Abdulai Jalloh
Sierra Leone

No. of IFS Grants: 2 (1995; 2000)

Current position:
Director, Institute of Agricultural Research, Freetown, Sierra Leone

IFS/Danida Award 2001

Dr M C Nandeesha

Dr M C Nandeesha

No. of IFS Grants: 2 (1986; 1989)

Current position:
Professor of Aquaculture, College of Fisheries, Central Agricultural University , Lembucherra, Tripura, India

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