Published: 2023-06-28

We’re excited to share the release of our IFS 2022 Annual Report.

The report contains:

  • A foreword from the IFS Board Chair and Interim-Director 
  • A review of IFS program activities in 2022
  • Impacts which our grantees’ research are having in their home countries and beyond
  • Capacity-enhancing activities we have been able to provide in collaboration with our partners, including IFS alumni associations in countries in the Global South
  • Donors who have supported IFS, and
  • Highlights of grants awarded in 2022

The 2022 IFS Annual Report is structured to align with our Strategy 2021–2030. It also reflects emerging thinking from the debates on the organisation’s future held during IFS’s 50th Anniversary Celebratory Forum in November 2022. An account of the celebrations precedes the three main report sections on Impact – how IFS grantees’ research is being put into use; the awarding of Basic and Advanced Grants; and Capacity-enhancing Support – or IFS’s value as a scientific partner.

The report can be accessed as a turning document and as a downloadable pdf.

With your continuing support, we are ready for the work ahead of us.

We hope you enjoy the report!

Summer greetings from the IFS secretariate.


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