At IFS, we value greatly working together with others. We continue to strengthen collaboration with a variety of partner organisations, both to award research grants and organise thematic and research skills development workshops and other capability enhancing support.

Collaborations aim to boost the capability of young researchers and ensure that the research conducted meets both prescribed ethical and quality standards. Recent efforts undertaken with partners are increasing capability to formulate, implement and evaluate science research, and improving ability to manage research grants, and organise workshops and scientific meetings.


Types of partners:


For its operations, IFS depends on funds contributed by other organisations, both those having primarily a scientific agenda and those with a development agenda. Since its establishment in 1972, IFS has received contributions from hundreds of organisations, government agencies, private foundations, research councils and private companies. A list of those contributing during the last 5 years is here:
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Long-term collaborating partners

With a number of organisations IFS has developed a joint long-term commitment to the support of scientists and scientific research in developing countries. Together with these organisations IFS has organised many workshops and activities for young scientists in eligible countries.
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Other Ad hoc collaborating organisations

Almost every workshop, seminar or any other event involves a number of organisations working together. Often there are universities, local research or other organisations involved in sharing their resources or knowledge, hosting at their venues or working with the logistics. Often giving their services in kind, these organisations are essential for the smooth functioning of IFS.

IFS Affiliated Organisations

When IFS was created in 1972 this was done with the cooperation of 15 Scientific Academies, known at that time as ‘Member Organisations’. Interest to participate in IFS grew quickly among Academies, Research Councils, Universities, Governmental Agencies, and others around the world, and this number stands today at 134 organisations, and they are now known as Affiliated Organisations. They have a consultative role for IFS today, contributing intelligence and allowing us to better understand local scientific landscapes in order to provide the most appropriate support.
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As a not-for-profit organisation with limited resources, IFS greatly appreciates donations and sponsorships of products and services of the commercial kind – these allow us to better serve the scientific community in developing countries.
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