Support for IFS Grantees

For those successful candidates who receive an IFS Research Grant, IFS offers a number of supporting services.

Note that these cannot be applied for by people who have not yet received an IFS Grant.

The supporting services include:

Travel/Publication Grants

IFS Grantees may apply for a travel/publication grant at the end of their research project, in order either to travel to a conference at which they will present the results of their IFS-supported research or publish the results in an international journal. A final report must have been submitted to IFS before applying for such a grant. Application for a travel grant is made on a special form, available from the IFS Secretariat. Application for a publication grant may be made by email request.

For more details on how to apply, get in touch with your contact person at IFS.

Note - Travel and publication grants are available only for IFS Grantees.

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Purchasing Services

IFS offers help with purchasing to those Grantees who live in countries where international purchasing of equipment and supplies is difficult. At the beginning of the grant period when the contract is being drawn up, the Grantee will be asked to choose between having the grant money transferred to his/her institution (and the Grantee then does the purchasing themselves) or leaving the grant money at IFS and using the purchasing services offered.

Capacity Enhancing Workshops

In response to the lower success rate in accessing research grants of scientists in countries with vulnerable scientific infrastructure, IFS has developed an effective Project Conceptualisation and Preparation Course. The course analyses the scientific method and places strong emphasis on critical interaction between the participants who will formulate and re-formulate their own ideas for scientific research into a proposal which may then be submitted to a research council for funding. The participatory nature of the course ensures also that participants leave with indelible impressions of the principles which underpin the elaboration of a sound research proposal.
All announcements about, or calls for participation in, these courses, are made on the Workshops page of this web.

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