Dr Horacio Zagarese

The 8th IFS/Sven Brohult Awardee (2007)


The 8th IFS Sven Brohult Award is presented to Dr Horacio Zagarese of Argentina for his research in environmental aquatic photobiology.

Dr Zagarese is Associate Professor at Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas, Instituto Technologico de Chascomus (IIB-INTECH), Universidad Nacional de General San Martín, Buenos Aires and has previously received three IFS grants (1994, 1997 and 1999) and the IFS Jubilee Award in 1999.

His research, which essentially is of a basic science nature, has largely concentrated on the understanding of the response of planktonic organisms to the direct and indirect effects of sunlight, particularly of its UV component.

Nowadays, it is commonly known that ozone depletion is one of the factors that alters the effect of ultraviolet radiation on biological ecosystems.

However, at the time when Horacio received his first grant, in 1994, very little was known on this topic. Ever since he started with his IFS project, Horacio has been at the forefront when it comes to the study of the effects of UV radiation on plankton communities.

Over the years, he has developed into a world leading and well respected scientist in this topic. He has produced numerous scientific papers of high quality, and created an strong research group around him. He has been able to secure substantial funding for his research from national and international sources and is often requested to act as scientific reviewer of project proposals and scientific papers for numerous renowned national and international science foundations and scientific journals.

About the Sven Brohult Award

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Horacio Zagarese

Dr Horacio Zagarese