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IFS Strategy 2011-2020

Supporting and Empowering Young Scientists in the Developing World

(downloadable as a page-turning document here)

IFS Programme documents

IFS Research Support: Scope and areas of research supported

IFS Collaborative Research Grants
A complete description of the IFS Collaborative Research Grants Programme.

IFS Annual Reports


IFS Annual Report 2015 (as page-turning doc)
             and here as downloadable PDF

(56 page PDF; 6 MB)

IFS Annual Report 2014 (as page-turning doc)
             and here as downloadable PDF

(60 page PDF; 4.5 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2013 (as page-turning doc)
             and here as downloadable PDF

(66 page PDF; 8 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2012

(48 page PDF; 2 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2011

(48 page PDF; 2 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2010    (incl. IFS Strategy 2011-2020)

(48 page PDF file; 1.4 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2009

(60 page PDF file; 2.8 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2008

(52 page PDF file; 1.1 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2007

(34 page PDF file; 800 KB)


IFS Biennial Report 2005-2006

(36 page PDF file; 800 KB)


IFS Annual Report 2004

(36 page PDF file; 900 KB)


IFS Annual Report 2003

(36 page PDF file; 900 KB)


IFS Annual Report 2002

(36 page PDF file;  3.5 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2001

(36 page PDF file;  2.1 MB)


IFS Annual Report 2000

(36 page PDF file;  515 KB)

IFS Workshops, Briefings & Reports

Update on the Collaborative Research Approach 2015

Proceedings: Collaborative Research Workshop: Sharing our progress Dec 2014

Proceedings: Collaborative Research Workshop: Getting Started Dec 2014

Proceedings: IFS/AAS Consultative Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya Aug 2015

Proceedings: IFS/AAS Conference & Workshops, Nairobi, Kenya. May 2012

1/2012:  Addressing Equipment Challenges

IFS-AAS Equipment Policy Project 2013-2014

Ethiopia Nat'l Workshop Report.pdf

Ethiopia Country Study Report.pdf

Ghana Nat'l Workshop Report.pdf

Ghana Country Study Report.pdf

Kenya Nat'l Workshop Report.pdf

Kenya Country Study Report.pdf

IFS Monitoring and Evaluation

Impact Studies  (MESIA)        

IFS Impact Studies measure the impact of IFS activities in developing countries and indicate opportunities for future initiatives and investment. The method of analysis, the "Monitoring and Evaluation System for Impact Assessment" (MESIA) has been specifically developed for the evaluation of the capacity strengthening efforts of IFS.

The IFS Impact Studies also investigate the research environment and working conditions of IFS Grantees, and provide an overview of national science and technology systems.

The analysis is based on data available in the IFS database, scientometric analyses of the scientific output of IFS Grantees, questionnaire surveys, and interviews with scientists and policy makers.


Published Impact Studies (MESIA Reports):

Report No. 9 (February 2009)
Science in Vietnam
An assessment of IFS grants, young scientists and the research environment

(80 page PDF file; 1.75 MB)

Report No. 8 (November, 2008)
IFS and OPCW Joint Support to African Scientists
(80 page PDF file; 1.5 MB)

Report No. 7 (June, 2006)
Evaluation of IFS Food Science Area
(64 page PDF file: 1 MB)

Report No. 6 (April, 2006)
Summary of IFS Impact Studies Nos. 1-5
(28 page PDF file; 0.2 MB)

Report No. 5 (October, 2003)
Scientific Research Capacity in Cameroon
An Assessment of IFS Support

(72 page PDF file; 0.4 MB)

[Report No. 5 in French]
Les capacités de recherche scientifique au Cameroun
Une évaluation de l'impact des activités de l'IFS

(40 page PDF file; 0.4 MB)

Report No. 4 (October, 2002)
Strengthening Science Capacity in Tanzania - An Impact Analysis of IFS Support
(108 page PDF file; 0.6 MB)

Report No. 3 (December, 2001)
IFS Impact in Mexico - 25 years of support to scientists
(156 page PDF file; size: 1.5 MB)

Report No. 2 (May, 2001)
Questionnaire Survey of African Scientists
IFS Grantees and INCO Beneficiaries

(92 page PDF file; 0.9 MB)

[Report No. 2 in French]
Les chercheurs africains: Une enquête questionnaire
Boursiers IFS et bénéficiaires INCO

(92 page PDF file; 1 MB)

Report No. 1 (April, 2000)
MESIA: Conceptual Framework and Guidelines
(38 page PDF file; 0.8 MB)



2012 External Evaluation of IFS

2012 IFS Prism Project Evaluation

2010 External Evaluation of IFS

2001 External Evaluation of IFS

Other Publications

Investigating Costs and Benefits of Collaborative Research

A paper by Graham Haylor, Brian Porter, Nighisty Ghezae and William Savage for the Collaborative Research Conference in February, 2016

Breaking Fences May Make for Good Neighbours in Collaborative Research
A paper by Graham Haylor produced in conjunction with the launching of the IFS Collaborative Research Approach in October, 2012.

Developing Science, Science for Development - IFS 30 years
A booklet of stories about IFS Grantees produced for the IFS 30th Anniversary in 2002.

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