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How to apply for an IFS Grant

Application for IFS Individual Research Grant

Applying for grant funding is very competitive and professional in its approach; the 'funding bar' is continuing to rise. IFS has prepared a list of documents which can assist you in preparation for your next application:

NOTE: IFS no longer accepts paper form application you can only fill in and submit your application through the IFS community. 

IFS has time-bound calls for applications which are announced on the first page of this web. 

As each call is issued, instructions will also be given about the application procedure.

The currently open calls are shown on the first page of the web.

Following the launch of the new IFS Strategy 2011-2020 in 2011, the IFS Programme has three Approaches and these will each have separate calls for applications announced on the first page of this website.

Read more about the Programme and the three Approaches here:
  »  IFS Programme
  »  read more for currently open calls

We recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed (what is RSS?) on the first page of this web to receive notification of new calls for research applications as they are published. You can subscribe by clicking on the symbol on the first page. (More detailed instructions here.)


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