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Water in Transforming Landscapes : 21 September, 2017

Published: 2017-09-05

International Foundation For Science (IFS) in partnership with Swedish Water House (SIWI) will lead a conference session “Water in Transforming Landscapes”on 21st September 2017, within; "AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH FOR DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE - 2017".

Climate change, a growing world population and rapidly expanding patterns of consumption and energy use increase the pressure on natural resources. Sustainable forestry and agriculture in line with current levels will not be enough to secure future food, water and fiber needs as the demands increase. Restoration of the world’s vast areas of degraded lands into productive and resilient landscapes is crucial and must integrate blue and green water strategies to ensure water resilience and productivity in the landscape. More attention to, and better understanding of, the complex interaction between water, forests and agriculture is greatly needed. By exploring scientific, practical and governance aspects of hydrology and green water management we aim to provide practitioners with tools that facilitate landscape restoration and productivity. Abstracts on scientific and/or practical studies, projects and initiatives contributing to landscape restoration, green-water management and hydrology are welcomed. Governance initiatives, studies or projects are also welcomed.


For information on the Program to the session:

» Water in Transforming Landscapes

Conference full Program:

Conference program for the Rural Transformation and Urbanization Agriculture for Development Conference at SLU, Uppsala, 20-21 September, 2017


About the partner: 

Swedish Water House (SIWI), acts as a neutral platform for Swedish actors interested in international water issues, creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing. The overall objective of Swedish Water House is to contribute to cooperation over water and development issues. An important element of Swedish Water House activity consists of seminars and workshops. Swedish Water House is a part of SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute).


SLU - Campus Ultuna


Kaffe från kl. 08:15


Almas allé 10, Uppsala



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