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IFS Awards

Four award schemes have been created to give recognition to the IFS Grantees' scientific achievements. Nominations for the IFS Awards can be submitted by IFS Affiliated Organisations, other national and international scientific societies, research institutions in developed and developing countries, IFS Scientific Advisers and other scientists, and IFS Grantees. Self-nomination is not permitted.
Note: these awards are available only for IFS Grantees.

The Sven Brohult Award is the most prestigious of the IFS Awards. It is given to an IFS Grantee once every three years.
Each Award is in the cash amount of USD 10,000.
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The IFS/Danida Award was established with special funds from the government of Denmark in 1996 for grantees from Sub-Saharan Africa, and up to 12 awards were given yearly  until 2004. Each Award was of the value of USD 2,000. [This Award is no longer given.]
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The IFS Jubilee Award was established originally in 1997 as  the IFS Silver Jubilee Award to complement the IFS/Danida Award, i.e. for grantees from countries other than from Sub-Saharan Africa. As a mark of the 30th Anniversary of IFS in 2004, the Board of Trustees changed the name to the IFS Jubilee Award. It is given to grantees from Latin America/ the Caribbean, Asia/ the Pacific and Northern Africa and the Middle East.  Up to 8 awards to the value of USD 2,000 each can be given each year.
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The IFS/King Baudouin Award was created after IFS was awarded the King Baudouin International Development Prize in 1986. IFS decided to share this special recognition with its Grantees by using the funds of the Prize to establish the IFS/King Baudouin Award. During the years 1988-1996, a total of 87 Awards were made and were in the amount of USD 1,000 each. [This Award is no longer given.]
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The Carolina MacGillavry-IFS Collaborative Research Award was created in 2013 with a bequest to IFS from Professor Carolina MacGillavry, received by IFS via the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The award will be used to encourage research collaboration by talented young researchers from the developing world.
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