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Responsible Agricultural Investments and Sustainable Development

Published: 2018-07-23

In January 2018’s blog post, we announced that this year’s posts will be devoted to showcasing scientific achievements in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. This month we turn to IFS Trustee and Professor Emeritus Kjell Havnevik, as below. We hope you enjoy this feature of our website.

Professor Emeritus Kjell HavnevikTo better understand how agriculture and rural development can contribute to future global sustainable development, a broad and long-term interdisciplinary research agenda is required.

It must address critical and emergent issues of relevance to rural change, including (i) population growth and employment, especially for rural youth, (ii) rural-urban migration at local, national and transnational levels, (iii) rural livelihoods, (iv) the understanding of scale, technologies and interconnections/competition among agricultural production regimes, (v) issues of food security and food sovereignty, (vi) environment and climate, and (vii) gender issues. In order to contribute to the discussion around these issues, I conducted a study entitled Responsible Agricultural Investments in Developing Countries – how to make principles and guidelines effective (Swedish FAO Committee, Publication Series 9, 2014). This study is also the basis for my speech on Corporations in the Global Food Systems and Human Rights at the September 2014 conference organized by the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. 

Nighisty Ghezae, IFS DirectorThank you. Hope you enjoyed this feature and keep an eye on our next blog.                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Nighisty Ghezae, IFS Director


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