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IFS Looks Ahead to a New Year with Enthusiasm

Published: 2018-12-18

As the end of 2018 approaches and we anticipate the arrival of the new year of 2019, I want to pause in reflection at how grateful I am for the many people who selflessly and tirelessly offer their time, energy, intellect and excitement to ensure that the International Foundation for Science continues to thrive.

Nighisty Ghezae, DirectorNighisty Ghezae, IFS Director

Without each person represented in our constituencies named below, we would not be reaching our goal of: Young men and women scientists in developing countries conduct relevant and high quality research that is put into use.

  • The Board of Trustees (BOT) continues to steer IFS through “good and less good” times, never losing sight of its role to govern with responsibility and respect
  • The Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) volunteer their time to engage deeply with the critical early stages of our grantees’ research processes, and contribute in other significant ways
  • Even in the changing international development landscape, our donors, funders and strategic partners always remain responsive to how they can best support the simple idea of providing grants to early-career researchers.
  • Over 6,000 IFS alumni – whether as individuals or associations – still stay active as they themselves progress through their careers and seek ways to support IFS and young scientists in their own countries.
  • Our current grantees doing individual and collaborative research prove each day that they are worthy of being supported by organizations such as IFS.
  • And finally, none of our work could take place without the dedication of the staff in the Secretariat, whose passion is unsurpassed and much appreciated.

At the end of October, a joint meeting was held with the BOT, SACs and Donors Group. Together they considered how IFS’s work can be expressed in a Theory of Change statement, as an element of 2019’s year-long planning process that will culminate in a new ten-year strategy for 2021-2030.

Around the same time as the October meetings, the Secretariat moved into a new office space in an effort to streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. There is a newness in the Swedish winter air as this year becomes the next, and as we all look ahead to:

  • A return to our usual schedule of individual research grants
  • An expansion of our collaborative research approach
  • Strengthening of our efforts to fully implement our approach of contributing innovation
  • Being responsive to requests to organize and participate in conference, seminars, workshops and other strategic activities, events and gatherings
  • Supporting and remaining connected to our alumni and their associations
  • Offering travel and equipment grants as funds allow
  • Monitoring and evaluating our work in accordance with the requirements of our funding partners, and
  • Seeking new and diversified sources of financial support, now that we have on board our full-time fundraiser.

May I wish you, your families, colleagues and communities a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with joy and success.

With thanks 

Nighisty Ghezae



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