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Individual Research Approach

Throughout the coming decade the primary focus of IFS will be the promotion of excellent science through early career research grants and capability enhancing support to researchers in developing countries. We anticipate that the rigorous assessment of research proposals by experts will continue to provide international recognition to successful applicants and enhance opportunities for original individual research and scientific growth.

IFS believes that science holds the potential to transform the contemporary global challenge, not only to provide sufficient food, water and energy but also to ensure security of supply, at affordable cost and within acceptable limits of environmental change. IFS is aware that starvation, as well as water and energy deprivation is not addressed by increasing availability alone, but by securing entitlement to those commodities for 9 billion people. In the face of such a task there is a vital and powerful role for many creative, analytical minds across a broad array of research fields.

IFS recognises that the sustainable and equitable stewardship of global resources and the provision of services from them will draw on many technical and social fields of research, relating to: agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food security, health and nutrition, energy, natural products, water and sanitation. However, IFS believes it is vital that young researchers have the opportunity to propose research which they identify can address problems in a least developed country, relevant to the needs of the country, supported through a demand-led, long-term, predictable research granting and capability enhancing approach across a broad spectrum of biological and water resources.

Individual early-career researchers in eligible countries may apply for research grants to undertake research projects on any aspects of the sustainable management of biological, water and energy resources.

IFS has time-bound calls for proposals with closing dates. These will be announced here on this website - be sure not to miss the submission deadlines!

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Applicants for Individual IFS Research Grants:

  • must be citizens of an eligible countries, and carry out their research in an eligible country (this does not have to be the country of citizenship)
    » Eligible countries list

  • must have a minimum of an MSc, MA or equivalent academic degree

  • must be (for men) younger than 35 years of age, and (for women) younger 40 years of age
    [If the applicant’s 35th (men)/40th (women) birthday is on the closing date of the call, he/she is still eligible.]

Researchers, who are already IFS grantees, are eligible to apply for renewal grant irrespective of age.

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