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SUNRAY reviews Sub-Saharan nutrition research

Published: 2012-05-16

IFS is participating in the EU-funded Sunray project, to review the past 10 years' research as well as constraints, priorities and agendas regarding nutrition research in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SUNRAY (Sustainable Nutrition Research for Africa in the Years to come) is a two-year European Union funded project involving a consortium of research institutions in Europe and Africa, including IFS. The aim is to investigate what research within nutrition has been carried out in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past 10 years, what constraints African nutritionists are facing, which priorities African scientists want to set in their nutrition research agenda to bring sustainable solutions. The initiative is a multidisciplinary approach and consults with stakeholders that impact on food and nutrition security.

Nathalie Persson from IFS attended consortium management meetings in Antwerp, January and August 2011, as well as the first SUNRAY regional workshop in Tanzania, November 2011. This event was aimed at consulting with scientists and stakeholders in nutrition from the Eastern part of Africa, Nigeria, Gambia and Ghana. Participants agreed on priorities and set a research agenda for the years to come.

Nathalie also met with scientists in Antananarivo, Madagascar in July 2011 to identify those who are strongly involved with nutrition research and could be interviewed by the consortium.

Thanks to its broad network in Sub Saharan Africa, IFS was instrumental in identifying scientists that could participate. Many IFS grantees are involved in the study.

More about SUNRAY.



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