Interesting and much appreciated international workshop held in November with IFS and OPCW grantees and observers

Published: 2020-12-10

IFS grantees from 7 different countries in Africa and Asia were given the opportunity to present their research findings at an international online workshop co-organised with IFS and one of its partners, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Alongside IFS grantees whose research grant had been jointly co-funded by IFS and OPCW, presenters were holders of an OPCW grant, some of whom earlier in their scientific career had received an IFS-OPCW grant also. Additionally, the meeting was attended by IFS and OPCW scientific advisers as observers and by IFS and OPCW technical staff. As mentioned in an earlier news item on our website 23rd Nov 2020, one of the aims of the workshop was to highlight some of the work that scientists around the world are carrying out to contribute to understanding and, whenever possible, mitigating the effects of toxic chemicals – both man-made and naturally occurring – in the environment.

The workshop not only offered a unique opportunity for scientists from around the globe to network and to get a glimpse of how similar problems may be tackled differently at local scale in different settings, but also for all participants – presenters, observers and IFS and OPCW staff alike – to familiarize themselves in a friendly setting with one of the video communication tools that are likely to become more and more important also within the scientific community now that  physical scientific conferences and meetings have to be cancelled as a consequence of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Based on the enthusiastic reactions from all workshop participants, the IFS secretariat is keen to explore how similar video workshops can be used in exciting new ways not only to enhance communication between the secretariat and our grantees and scientific advisers, but also for networking opportunities among our different stakeholders.


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