Calling all women in science - do you want to inspire the next generation of scientists?

Published: 2020-09-18

IFS strives to open different opportunities for the many women we support, and have supported in the past, to demonstrate their engagement in science globally and increase their visibility, but also to share their passion and inspire the next generation of scientists.

There are a lack of women role models in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) fields. In addition to this, the uptake of STEM subjects by girls at university level is often lower than for boys. This may be partly due to the lack of women role models in STEM fields. 

The 1000 STEM Women Project was launched to increase the visibility of women role models by creating an extensive global video library of women scientists that can be used by schools all over the world. IFS is collaborating with the project to increase the visibility of our women grantees. The videos consist of 90-second-long video clips of women scientists talking about their research. These clips are freely available to any primary and secondary school and provides a resource for students to learn about the variety of careers available in the sciences and the breadth of research on-going at a global level.

We therefore invite you to create a video for the project. Creating a video for the project is easy and can be done on a phone or laptop. If you are a woman in science at PhD level or post-PhD, and would like to contribute to the 1000 STEM Women Project you can find all the instructions on how to start making your video clip here

If you are an IFS grantee and have any questions on preparing your video, feel free to contact If you decide to submit a video, please let us know so that we can share this on IFS social media platforms. Follow the hashtag #1000STEMWomen on twitter for updates on the project.



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