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for strengthening research capacity in developing countries of OIC

The Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee (COMSTECH) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Islamabad, Pakistan, and the International Foundation for Science (IFS), Stockholm, Sweden, agreed in February 1998 to enter into a collaborative program to strengthen the capacity in developing countries which are members of OIC to conduct relevant and high quality research in sciences related to the management, use and conservation of biological resources.

The program is funded in equal parts by COMSTECH and IFS. The research grants are administered by IFS.




Animal Production (2)

Dr. Mohammed Rohaim Egypt

Mr John Oyewale Nigeria

Crop Science (8)

Mr Sountongnoma Arnaud Michel DOUAMBA Burkina Faso

Dr Zineb Belabess Morocco

Mr Yédé Jean ALIKO Cote d'Ivoire

Mr Najeeb Ullah Pakistan

Dr Rhym Ben Slimane Tunisia

Dr. Florence Mahouton ANATO Benin

Mr Hospice Sossou Benin

Mr Oluwadurotimi Aworunse Nigeria

Food Science (3)

Mr Koba Ulrich Spéro EDICOU Benin

Mlle Marina ABRE Cote d'Ivoire

Sanata Traoré Mali

Forestry / Agroforestry (3)

Dr Alassan ASSANI SEIDOU Benin

Dr MEGUEM MBOUJDA Marcelle Franca Cameroon

Mr Ssemwanga Mohammed Uganda

Water Resources (2)

Dr Kamal Ahmed Pakistan

Dr Ellen Kayendeke Uganda




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