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World Water Week seeks contribution from Young Professionals

Published: 2012-01-27

Graham Haylor, DirectorGraham Haylor, IFS Director

The IFS Strategy 2011-2020 characterizes the key challenges to which young researchers in the developing world will need to contribute. Not only to provide sufficient food, water and energy (to a population that will peak at around 9 billion people by 2050) but also to ensure security of supply, at affordable cost and within acceptable limits of environmental change. Two of those interlinked challenges receive particular attention this year at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) World Water Week within the theme “Water and Food Security”.

Increasing imbalances are unfolding; water availability affects national economies and local businesses. Increasing floods and droughts together with volatile food prices have an impact on political stability and national security. At the same time there are great untapped synergies in the management of food and water. The management of these basic resources will have enormous effects on all of our futures.

Jens Berggren, Director of World Water Week, told IFS this week that SIWI are especially interested in the contribution from Young Professionals: students, researchers and professionals under the age of 35.  That means if you would like to come to Stockholm to share your ideas you would be especially welcome! World Water Week will take place in Stockholm, 26-31 August 2012.
The best abstracts and those most capable to act as Junior Rapporteurs at World Water Week may even get support towards their costs. Abstracts can be submitted via the World Water Week website but time is short – the deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2012.

Abstracts on issues that relate to Water and Food Security, might include:
Best use of blue water resources for food security
Safeguarding global food security and life supporting ecosystems
Rainfed production under growing rain variability: closing the yield gap
Securing water and food in an urbanising world
Towards a green economy – the water-food-energy nexus
Trade and food security
Health and food security
Governance for water and food security

For more information about World Water Week  download the first announcement or contact Mr Adrián Puigarnau, Programme Manager, World Water Week:adrian.puigarnau@siwi.org



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